100% Same Fun as PS3

User Rating: 9 | Mortal Kombat VITA
Am Big Fan of MK in PS3 the was was perfect to me, and this one is a must have on VITA, will there is 150 Bonus Challenge Extra on VITA and all these challenges is Touch Play or Shake.
the gameplay is 100% same as ps3 and same fun, if you are fan of ps3 so you will love this one, the only thing that was dissapointed is the graphics, when you fight is great look but before the fight when the fighter apear and he talk thats the part look horrible, the story mode is same as ps3 the cut scene perfect but the fight part the graphics change, the thing that i loved is the fatallity you can make fatallity on touching the screen, there is MK3 costumes and alot more better then PS3 even if you have costume DLC on ps3, the Vita Version has more stuff.
after all am a big fan of MK and having MK classic style in my hand is amazing so thats why i recommend this game is a must have on VITA