It should have been a new addition to the series, not a reboot but still a great game!

User Rating: 7 | Mortal Kombat PS3
So here I am, playing this game called Mortal kombat on the PS3. I find myself expecting something like, let's say the original Mortal Kombat series? It all makes sense until you start playing...

I expected some of the elements to be brought back, like when you used to uppercut someone into another stage. The music used to be satisfying and made the game fun to play. I found that this version did not sound quite right. The music was sort of muffled in the background.

The guy who popped up at the corner of your screen, gone! WOUHOU!!! *Pure sarcasm* And if that's still not enough, Shao Kan probably cut off his tongue because he pretty much stopped laughing at you!

It's hard to see this game as a proper reboot of the franchise Mortal Kombat, but as a fighting game, it's actually pretty great. The bloody fatalities, the new character skins, the quite surprisingly great story mode. You may consider this a good or a bad thing depending on the type of gamer you are, but the controls have been simplified. I was never able to pull crazy combos so I get to play this game instead of mashing buttons. The original characters are all there and their signature moves haven't been changed, although some have been slightly modified but probably for the good.

So overall it's a worthy title, but don't get too nostalgic over the fact that it's Mortal Kombat.