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I remember MK, but I never actually played it seriously enough to have but Scorpion & Sub Zero in my memories. Is the Komplete Edition for PS3 worth the purchase? I am a bit concerned about reports about wonky online service and I have already seen the entire story mode. The other reason is that I can relate that how it might have an extra dimension for people who experienced it in the past, but I have the same feeling with the Tekken series, which has a new installment coming to it in september and I do like fighting games, but two purchases in a year is a bit steep for me. So I wanted to hear your impressions about the game.

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two purchases per year a bit steep? Wow, i'm speechless. Anyway, the Vita version of MK2011 is in my opinion the best one of the bunch (counting regular last years, Komplete edition and Vita version). It has the most conent, runs as smooth as the big brothers and it's portable. Only thing it doesn't do great is graphics, but you will notice that only durring close ups which is not that often and IMO graphics itself are not much of a problem. The game is simply fantastic and though i am not familiar with the new Tekken coming, I think it is a safe bet that you will get more out of this baby if you ask me.