Art takes center stage for Morphopolis.

User Rating: 7 | Morphopolis PC

Morphopolis is an "art game" if ever there was one. I say that because I believe for this particular game the art is the priority. That's not to say there isn't interaction but its gameplay is quite simple. I'd go as far to say that the gameplay is designed to make sure you focus on and absorb the art. The eye candy is nice but it takes more then that to design a good game.

In Morphopolis you play as different bugs who are kind enough to help out there neighbors with different chores. Then at the end of each stage it appears you transfer yourself into a larger bug whom you'll play as in the following stage. There isn't any written story instead the game leaves it up to you to interrupt the meaning behind you're actions. Even beyond story-telling there isn't even guides to tell you where to go or what to do. Restricted movement and actions is enough to let you figure out for yourself what you need to accomplish.

This game is super stylized. The consistency of the art work between each stage is spot on. The stages split across multiple screens which connect seamlessly. The art is this Morphopolis is stunning. The paintings are incredible and make you really focus when trying to find the objects you need. You'll be looking at every little detail as your eyes slowly inspect the image.

Essentially, this is a find the objects game. As you play you'll come across particular plants and bugs that stick out from the backgrounds. Each of them will ask you to find a set amount of particular items for them. You'll need to carefully scan the backgrounds and gather up all the items. Then proceed to deliver them in order to clear a path or initiate a special mini-game puzzle. All the puzzles are very different and I believe this is were Morphopolis loses it consistency. Until this point the game is fairly easy and relaxing but a couple of the puzzles are incredibly challenging. This very bizarre difficulty curve takes you out of what is otherwise an immersive and enjoyable game.

Very stylized and original, the only thing holding this game back from is it's struggle balancing. If you think this might be a game you'll enjoy don't let that hold you back. That being said I'm sure some people will really enjoy that added challenge. Those who are worried about getting frustrated can always minimize the game a bring up walk-through for the really tough puzzles. As I said before art is at the core of this game. This is an array of visual stimulation that will let you relax and lose yourself in the world. Look else where for a more interactive and more traditional "game like" experience.