Let the battle between monsters and aliens begin!.

User Rating: 8.5 | Monsters vs. Aliens PS2
As the title of this game says explains it all as Monsters vs Aliens is based on the flim of the same name that was done by Dreamworks in 2009.
The story follows a group of monsters which include Insectosaurus ( a giant bug ) , The Missing Link ( a half ape and half fish like guy ) , Dr. Coachroach ( a scientist with a bug's head after a problem with one of his experiments ) B.O.B ( a blue glow with a eyeball ) and Ginormica aka Susan ( a woman who got hit by a space rock and grew really tall and has super strength ) are called on to protect the world when a evil alien plans to destroy mankind and then plans on ruling the universe must be stopped so now they must put each of their special talents to work if they plan on becoming heroes for both human and monster alike.
You get to control only 3 out of 5 of the monsters which are Ginormica , B.O.B and The Missing Link ( you can have a second player join you in this game as the other player will be playing as Dr.Coachroach ) as each of them has his or her own special skills like The Missing Link can do powerful fighting moves and swing from poles , B.O.B can grab enemies or boxes to carry inside his goo like body , can also stick to walls either upside down or side to side and take part in big puzzles and finally Ginormica can rollerskate down roads or other places to battle enemies or race away from dangerous bosses while dodging their attacks to score big points on your scoreboard at the top of the screen.
There are only 4 chapters in this game but the real fun has to be the DNA lab which while you are collecting a small orange balls throughout the levels you can use the points you collected to unlock some cool things in the lab like health upgrades , new challenges to test your monster skills , artwork and other surprises waiting to be unlocked.
I enjoyed the movie when I went to see it last year and I did enjoy playing the game so if your like myself and you liked the movie then give it a try but if your loooking for a game that the kids would like then that's also a good reason so the choice is yours.