Great but bad variety.

User Rating: 7 | Monster Truck Madness GBA
Tantalus first attempted a 3D-style racing engine in the Acclaim-published ATV: Quad Power Racing. The bland game design was more overwhelming than the team's 3D technology, but after experiencing the second generation of the engine it's clear that the studio was just getting their feet wet; Monster Truck Madness is a much more complete racing package this time around, and it's an impressive looking game to boot. The game is a mixture of 2D and 3D elements to create a very believable, almost PSX-quality engine; Monster Truck Madness utilizes a fully texture-mapped 3D model for the player's vehicle, interacting on top of a smoothly flowing terrain of hills and bumps as well as opposing vehicles and obstacles scattered around as well-drawn sprite objects.

The engine not only allows for visible vehicle damage, but it also enables the developer to create believable, albeit cartoony, truck physics.