good game, well worth it. Think of Hatsworth, but with easier difficulty and replaces puzzles with monster growing

User Rating: 8 | Monster Tale DS
Well, after playing this game for 5 hours, I think that it is pretty good. It reminds me of metroid, megaman, castlevania, and Hatsworth.

The fist thing I noticed when I started the game was that the nice Hatsworth style intro, with the text and images wasn't there for the intro. The art seemed a little off.

Also, the artwork looks like they took the hatsworth enemies, and dressed them up in monster skin, instead of dr. mario monster skin. (Not that that is a bad thing), but their art style is really cool and unique.

Why this game is like so many other games:
Metroid: you are a girl who shoots sand beams out of her bracelet.

Megaman: She looks, plays, and has most of megaman's abilities including the roll, jump, shoot, duck shoot, and wall jump(I think?)

Castlevania: You pick up so many items, and stuff. 99% of it is for your pet chomp who by the way (you can't name).

Hatsworth: all of the action is the same as Hatsworth, including his (up) plus (a) attack, which you now don't have to be inside of a robot to do. (By the way, has anyone noticed that Hatsworth is a lot like Michael Jackson:Moonwalker?)

This game is good, but the problems are

1. Chomps growth isn't fun after a while, and his leveling up messages can be downright annoying.

2. Ellie can't level up, you have to buy all of her upgrades, which take time and a lot of backtracking to do.

3. Chomps puzzles can be repetitive and sometimes seemed rushed.

4. Chomp seems to attack solely when he wants to, and you get tired of him doing nothing but get hurt.

but the great parts are

1. boss battles are superb, and the characters are cool(I liked how they had an african-american boss) and the fighting is really cool. The bratty kids actually are cool, and have a lot of cool looks. But Ellie, seems to have no background and all of her lines are boring.

All in all I give this game an 8 out of 10, because it is good