Lovely, Metroidvania Hatsworth. A little on the easier side of things, but not quite "Kirby easy".

User Rating: 8 | Monster Tale DS
I loved this little title. I like to be spartan in my explanations these days so I'll break it down the typical way:

Graphics: I really loved the colorful sprite-work and environments. There is a slight improvement over Hatsworth with the art-direction, imho.

Sound: Some of the tracks fall flat, but overall the game has a wonderful collection of tracks inspired by games of yesteryear.

Yay?: I found it very fun, light, and refreshing. Control: B/B+ kind of job. Some of the movements are a little clunky to pull off.

Length: It's a little on the shorter side at under 10 hours.

Reco?: Yes, I recommend playing this is you liked GBA Metroids, post-SOTN Castlevanias, and perhaps most importantly, Henry Hatsworth.

And, to round out the characters needed to complete a review, Drawbacks: not highly replayable :-( and the monster training is a little more shallow than it seems at first.