Monster Rancher Advance Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Special Monsters

    There are some monsters that are classified as ''Special'' and they have stats that dwarf the normal monsters, some of the ''Special'' monsters can be obtained by entering these words.

    *Note these are case sensitive*

    Paladin - (durahan)
    LIKETEA - (naga)
    Santa - (momo)
    Cabbit - (psiroller)

    KEEPSLY -(zuum)

    There are many more, try and find them on your own!

    Contributed by: Keith Valentine 

  2. Weird Monster

    When making a monster at the shrine for the first time, use the tablet and type in:<br />'Hobo' <p />it's case sensitive so do it like that, anyway, you'll get a knight, it's a green color and it's no. 326 and it's name is Lezaal no idea about anything else but that it's restricted. You can also enter Noah and it will be another restricted monster named Clockwork

    Contributed by: Ling_Ling 

  3. Unlock Monsters

    During a game, enter the Shrine, and enter any of the following names to inlock the corresponding monster. Passwords are case sensitive.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Rika Ace
    Pale Ballad
    TK Crab Zuum
    PAI Golem
    Roko Justin
    dawg Lesione
    jeds Marine Mew
    ryu Metal Octy
    miss Mocchi
    SK8 Mochikung
    Geni Peng Moch
    Will Raven
    Leaf Remus
    Lion Ryuon
    Snow Yuppee
    K9dG Yuzumoochi

    Contributed by: rafdox, Badger5559 

  4. Secret Monsters

    Effect Effect
    Justice - Moon Light; Ninja - Ninja Antlans
    Torble - Silverface; Cyber - Stalgunner Arrowheads
    Infinite - Diva (255 in all stats); Kawrea - Magmaheart Dragons
    Football - Fankung; Strange - Piyokkung Duckens
    Avenger - Selven; Paladin - HolyKnight; WARWAR9 - Durahan Durahans
    Luminous - Naskar; Crystal - Crystalia Golems
    Project0 - Gespenst; MEGADETH - Skull Gold Jokers
    SEAINSUN - Irassie; Jungle - Grilief Lesiones
    Polar - Polar Mew; Pale - Ballad Mews
    Jackson - Thrillie; WAKE UP - Oricon Mogis
    Citrus - Valencie; Santa - Momorien Momos
    Rouge - Soft Pink; Pabs - White Moch Moochis
    LIKETEA - Punisher; Killer - Dogmar Nagas
    Sausage - Vienna; Snow - Yuppee Octopees
    Ultra - Altima; Nature - Nymph Pixies
    RABBIT - Rabiroller; MOTOGP - Motoroller Psirollers
    Tesca - WhiteSuezo; ONLIGHT - Jagandi Suezos
    Leaf - Remus; Papas - Kamui Tigers
    Alien - Ibuki; Predator - Setsuna Zans
    KEEPSLY - Chrono; Luxury - Glarlie Zuums

    Contributed by: Genis Irving 

  5. Golden Monsters

    Several Golden monsters can be unlocked. Their stats are average, but they look cool.

    All passwords are CaSe SeNsItIvE.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Samurai Caraban
    night1 Goldie
    cut Kuku
    Shining MerryArrow
    skills Mustardy
    ultra Titan
    chrome Warabi

    Contributed by: lopp3 

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