MONSTER MADNESS nom nom nom!

User Rating: 7.5 | Monster Madness: Grave Danger PS3

ok so i got this game a week ago beat and on both difficulty's and then THE GOOD AND THE BAD TIME, (i should have some dramatic music huh?)

THE GOOD :) 10 total.

#1 hilarious! you will laugh at this game even if you have no sense of humor especially at the zombie grandma!
#2 large variety of monsters especially some you will probably recognize immediately. (unless you've never seen a horror flick in your entire life or read a horror type book lol.)
#3 cutscenes are in comic book format..and it's works beautifully!
#4 it's got co-op for those of you who have brothers or friends or parents (it's better with co-op trust me)
#5 funny and upgradable weapons.
#6 you can shapeshift into different monsters.
#7. you can get it at a cheap price. :)
#8. 19 levels!
#9 unlockable costumes (not the serious bad@ss kind btw)
#10 vehicles are easy to drive.

THE BAD :( 10 total

#1 only 4 characters. 2 male 2 female.
#2 predictible ending.
#3 challenge mode is impossible to complete to get C rating is enough.(need C to unlock costumes.)
#4 some level replay value but the whole game over again? NO.
#5 made for co-op without it it's pretty boring,
#6 YOU CAN DELETE YOUR PROFILE AND START ALL OVER AGAIN! (no thanks don't click clean profile)
#7 some levels are like what?
#8 you can only shapeshift on certain levels.
#9 challenge mode is sp only not co-op. srry.
#10. infinte spawning system is great but it takes the challenge out..(you know like the old days when you died you would put in a quarter or nickel and you would continue where you died? yeah imagine that but without the coin,

THE VERDICT! O_O (yeah i brought it back)

well i should mention it's a top-down shooter..but other then that it's a really fun game and if you like horrorcomedy games check it out. i guarentee you will like it.

price range- (new thing im gonna add on showing how much you should pay for it.) $5.00-$15,00