Team up with friends and slay giant beasts!!!

User Rating: 8 | Monster Hunter: World PC

Monster Hunter: World is the first MH I have ever played and I'm glad I did because from what I hear this entry was one of the best in the series!! You start off by picking your character class and then you get your weapon, armor, eat before you leave for the mission for stat buffs and off you go! With items used for enhancements and friends teamed up with you feel powerful for just being a human taking down a gigantic monster. Granted, monster do no go down fast... some can take upwards of 45 minutes to slay, but the time invested taking him down as a result is very rewarding. See, in MH every monster slain can be harvested to upgrade all your gear in the hub area. With tons of new weapons and armor to craft, hunting is always fun and interesting as you go looting throughout the 5 or 6 levels they have. With that said, there are a few levels I think could of been a little bit better. The Ancient Forest is in my opinion one of the worst level designs. You constantly get lost in never ending vines to climb and if you fall you have to do it all over again, IDK I just think they could of done a better job. My other complaint is that I wish there were more interesting levels to explore, yes the monsters are interesting which keeps you going but I think they could of put a little more effort into the level design over all. Also, the music could of had a better score, it doesn't really bother me but I did notice how uninteresting the music was throughout the game.

Playing with friends is where MH truly shines. Team up with up to 3 other players for a 4 player team. Get your headset and strategize on how to take the Monster down. Each Monster is usually weak to a certain element and preparing for battle is key to survival. With constant updates and new monsters to hunt, new npcs to talk to and new items being available, MH stays relevant way past the credits. Very fun game to play and highly addictive, highly recommended!!