Review from someone who actually spends 6 month in the game

User Rating: 10 | Monster Hunter: World PS4

Spent around 1000hour into this game, got 2nd attack gem on my 600 hour mark and also killed about 400 arch tempered beast before quiting just after Extreme Behemoth event and have every sullied or hero streamstone you could ask for, 4 or more each. I did came back occasionally for events and new arch tempered quest but eh, its only for a few weeks. Here is my very basic review after playing it religiously for around 6 month;

- The music is pretty nice especially in Rotten Vale, hunting odogaron while Rotten Vale Battle music playing is just epic.

- Its content only last for around 200 hours. Very short for a loot grind game but its 200 hours of your game time. Most open world can be finished in 50 hours.

- Only round 40 monsters

- it has a story, quite a step up from past game

- really good inventory system

- Populations for new players dwindled but we will assist no problem. I always helps out noobs in lower rank. Its most probably me if you see the name Nekotan helping some you out in LR.

- Combat gets cluttered in 4 man mission.

- Fps tanks even with ps4pro. Really not good idea to have everyone with blast weapons

- Ancient forest is a really great noob starting point and one of the worst area to navigate.

- SOS system is amazing. fk old rooms

- Kulve RNG is turd

- Gem RNG is turd

Intentionally put in a lot of cons in my review. This because I spent a lot of time in this game and noticed some things. But,1000 in game hours and month of playing is a 10/10 from me. the end