Monster Hunter that surely will satisfy every type of player.

User Rating: 8 | Monster Hunter: World XONE

I never played any Monster Hunter, so everything was new to MH World, the experience with the game was positive, the game is a lot of fun, the story is simple, but not a bad point, since game focuses on gameplay and exploration , has a large number of enemies and each has its challenge, the gameplay is good, and the graphics are beautiful, the atmosphere is beautiful too, even if it is not so varied, but who plays must know that the battle is long and can be tiresome, and sometimes the game is frustrating, has very complicated monsters in the game, who likes a challenge will enjoy, Monster Hunter World is a great game and has the potential to compete Game of the Year at the end of the year who is longtime fan of the franchise will surely love the game, and anyone who has never played as is my case, has great chances to like it too. Note 87