A fantastic deep and rewarding experience

User Rating: 10 | Monster Hunter: World PC

Let me begin by saying I am an absolute rookie to the series and have no base in terms of comparing it to previous installments. This game is ridiculous as far as content is concerned in the best way possible. I will say that if you're into instant gratification and non stop action like say Bayonetta/Call of Duty this may not be a game for you. You truly have to commit to the game to appreciate all it has to offer, from it's combat systems to the various items/tools that come into play, you will need to take time to understand and even master what you have at your disposal. The game can turn into a grind when attempting to craft desired pieces of equipment but luckily MHW provides different avenues to obtain needed materials. The best part of it all (which some may complain about) is actually engaging the monsters themselves, this can go a few ways. You can go through a hunt it relatively short order, you can find yourself ill equipped to deal with said monster, or my personal favorite, you can go into battle believing you are well equipped and then have other monsters stumble into your hunt. In the latter case all hell breaks loose but IMO it's one of the more exciting prospects in recent video game memory. In the end this is perhaps one of the best games Capcom has provided in a long time