fun and good looking but I lasted 15h

User Rating: 6 | Monster Hunter World PS4

i am going to tell you i did not play this game with any friends

this is a fun game where you got to learn different ways to defeat the next monster or find ways to kill the same monster over and over to get the right resources,to make the next and better armor or upgrade your weapon, my problem with this is it get's to repetitive in a way what put's me off, I find that you have to do so much and get lots of things ready for the same thing and this can take me up to 10-20 minutes before i can get in to the combat with the monster. another big problim i had is sometimes it took me 30-40 minutes looking for the monster what made me get annoyed with how much time of just ruining around out of the 15H i played. But i enjoyed how the weapons work and i found when i got in to a fight it was thrilling and could be intense, i also found the weold to be interesting and good looking but the story was to streched out for me and i got bored of how places where closed of where you have to do the story to get there.

PS/ I play with randoms and solo