Wii and Wii U online compatibility?

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O.k, here is the scenerio.. my brother has a wii and monster hunter tri.  I do not have a Wii but am soon to get the Wii U.  Me and my bro both want to play monster hunter tri together but we aren't sure if I play it on my Wii U and he plays it on his Wii if we would still be able to play online together.

Could someone please help me.. if I can't play online with my bro then I would rather not get monster hunter tri.

So.. would the Wii and the Wii U be compatible online?

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You will be fine doing this. When you play a Wii game on the Wii U it reverts the firmware back so the Wii U acts like a Wii. Your biggest problem is the fact that the servers are being shut down for Tri in April :(


If your friend has a 3DS, you might be interested in getting Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate that comes out next month. If you get the Wii U copy and your friend gets the 3DS copy, you'll both be able to play with each other locally :)