Monster Hunter Portable 3rd still ROCKS!

User Rating: 9 | Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PSP
All I can say for this game is WOW!
The Good:
1. Nice graphics
2. Not so hard; not so easy
3. More new monsters; more slaying fun
4. It still retained its "IT FACTOR"
5. Felyne partner is really helpful

The Bad:
1. No online play
2. Long loading times
3. Japan language? Meh...

This game is really AWESOME! New monsters, new maps, new village, new farm, etc.... makes it interesting. Difficulty is just right. The problem is the Japanese language. Lucky for me, I downloaded an English pre-patched. Also, no online play is not making it sociable... New monsters are awesome, especially the large ones! In this game, you'll not see the Yian Kut-Ku. But, you will see Yian Kut-Ku-like monster w/ electricity powers called Jinouga. Previous items in previous games are also in this game. For beginners, this is easy to get used to 'cause of the easy controls.
Overall: This is a must-have game for MH fans and beginners who like slaying monster games. This game improved the Monster Hunter awesomeness! Definitely, buy/download/get this game!