Great Game, Console

User Rating: 9 | Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver. PS3
This game is a great addition to the franchise. I haven't played monster hunter frontier but it is the only MH that can possibly beat this game I believe. There is the most content i have seen yet in one game. I have played MHF2, MHFU, MH Tri and now this so i have some experience with the franchise.
They should release this game or other later games to North America because MH fans would love to play a game like this.

- 2 times the weapons!
- 1.5 times the armours
- Wide variety of monsters
- New features (such as cat armour/weapons)
- Console FTW !!!!! (you will stop playing that handheld crap trust me lol)
bigger screen
better graphics
- Names can be in english
- Can connect and use PSP's as controllers
- Can import PSP data (including MHFU and MHP3rd files)

- Japanese text is hard to make sense of anything
- No controller button layout options that i have seen
- Need to be in japan to play online i think
- Everything is in Japanese so even though you think "it isn't that big a deal" and "i have played previous MH so i'll be fine", the unknown Japanese text will always show up again on something else >:-(