Anyone that can't enjoy this game is probably not a human!He could either be an alien or a soulless jerk.

User Rating: 10 | Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PSP
This is probably the best MH game ever made for the psp platform.When I first played this game I already knew that this is one of the best video games I have played in my whole entire life!!!So here are some good things and bad things about this game.

Good things:
>Lots of hours of gameplay.
>Great graphics.
>Pretty challenging.
>Awesome gameplay.
>No glitches or lag.

Bad things:

Nothing could posibly ruin this game!!!
Note:You guys realy gotta buy or download this game!!!
Warning:This game is very addicting,it may lead to eye problems or even death...Just kidding about the "death" part guys!!!

This is realy the best Monster hunter game ever made in the history of history!This is an awesome game with no disturbances.

If you play this game your reaction could either be (cool,wow,awesome)...but if your reactions are (Booo!!!,boring,lame)or something similar to that,then...You will die in seven days!!!