The Return of the King

User Rating: 10 | Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PSP
Whats good about PSP? Some more Naked Snake? Some more Kratos? Some more games which you have already spend lots of hours sitting on your couch and yet you want to play them outside your house? HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!

Monster Hunter, by all means, is the game you need a PSP to play, may be you have one or more TV in your house, but is it possible to bring FOUR TV together and connect a PS2 or Wii EACH of them, and go online? No, nobody can. The point Monster Hunter games always stick into PSP is because it is the only way to let four hunters play with each other side by side, exaggerating the fun to play this MONSTROUS hit!

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, again, is DARN crazy, which I have spend 230hrs on it, another 100+ more will be going. Monsters, armors and weapons are as stunning as ever, it is ESSENTIAL for anyone who declared themselves "the gamers" to slay all of them out and build your own set of gadgets. The experience of doing so, I dare say, is an endless fun.

Just as any previous entries, the game suit best when playing with friends, the quests in the Gathering Hall (now a public bath, LOL) are pretty challenging and I am sure a lone hunter will suffer a lot of hard times in his/her quests. However, this time two feylnes (cats!) will be your sidekick little hunters, try themselves to ease you tremendous challenges, therefore the feylnes companion system is also a deep and complicated system, requires a lot of experiment and try & error. After all, when does a Monster Hunter game doesn't need try & error and requires no skill at all?

OK, Iet's be simple, this game is AWESOME and I love it a lot, and I am sure the GS editorial would not even like it and review it squarely, simply because the "so-called" camera issue they addressed repeatedly is there, AGAIN! Any PSP owners should look at themselves or trade out their PSP now if they still mess up with its D-PAD camera scheme! It's on a HELL lot of PSP games already! CC:FF7, Peace Walker, The 3rd Birthday, just to name a few big titles. Anyone who fail to overcome such a simple challenge are literally NUTS, and this game is not for....nuts.

One last cool thing to tell anyone whose closest hunting companion is 200 miles away, is the game supports Ad-hoc party of PS3, and for free, of course. So it is really similar to MH Tri while playing at home, finding lobbies to join in, and better still to play the game with your friends around, which I strongly recommended, as always.