Sound like a cool game, but sucks overall.

User Rating: 4.5 | Monster Hunter Freedom PSP
When my friend told me about this game it sounded fun, but when i bought it i was sooooo bored.Here's some good things and bad things.

The Good
This game has multiplayer. This is when the game gets a little fun, but it's still O.K. The graphics are cool and monsters are awesome. There is some challenge, but not much. tHats about it of good things.

The Bad
There is NO STORY! It gets so boring only doing quests and not having many objections. This game leaves you hanging by having nothing to do but, killing monsters and collecting skins.

If you are about to buy this game turn around and buy a different game. This game is one of the worst games i've ever bought and is a waste of money. If you hate this game i reccomend going to gamestop and get some money back. tHats about it for this game. Not too exciting at all.