Playing this alone shall reinvigorate your hatred for persistently dying in a game, but ultimately is very addictive.

User Rating: 9 | Monster Hunter Freedom PSP
Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 7/10
Replayability: 9/10
Learning Curve: Probably about 2 hours solid playing to establish a good mind for strategy, materials and the weapon of choice.


- Plenty of enemies that vary in size and intensity to decimate
- Many weapons to choose from and upgrade
- Well planned out maps and different environments that will physically test the mettle of your character
- Realistic aspects of life: fishing for food and cooking meat, as well as combining ingredients to discover more items that will assist throughout
- Amazingly fun multiplayer mode, great to play with others, be it two or four people


- Camera angles can be a bit off
- You will find yourself mainly using a Great Sword
- Frustration is crippling when you consistently die fighting hordes or just one really powerful monster


There is overwhelming pleasure when you have spent the best of half an hour chopping odd bits off the monster at hand and it finally collapses for you to harvest it's body for materials used to make epic weapons and armor. Overall definitely worth getting at the price it's going for (£7) or ($10). Many gamers are put off by their first impressions of this game, but stick with it and you shall experience the true pleasures of gaming at it's finest.