Addictive but it really needs multiplayer to lighten things up a little bit.

User Rating: 8 | Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G PSP
Monster Hunter is like a waterdowned version of an MMORPG game. It acts like one and you still get to play with other players but minus the online part.

The control scheme takes a minute to get used to but it actually makes sense. Most of the time, it allows player to move,attack, or evade while simultaneously skimming through their inventory. And battles here especially the Monstrous Boss Fights are really intense. You got to stay on your toes all the time.

The graphics are ok although the background on each locations are bland but being able to climb the peak of a snowy mountain is just breathtaking. A little imagination and tolerance could go a long way.
BGMs here are minimum but can be helpful at most times. A bgm will play if there's a boss around and will change if the boss has spotted you which has me thrilled and even cowering sometimes.

Now, as to the matter of playing solo or multi, this game will either make you or break you. The quest are repetitive but that's the point of this game. You slay, gather, and craft so you could slay, gather, and craft some more until you drop dead. The only thing I don't like is the time limit imposed on every quest. It's more than enough for most of the time but why put it up?

Playing solo is fun for the first part but as your rank progresses the quests gets harder. And there's nothing more frustrating and demoralizing if you're stuck with a slaying quest and just can't seem to defeat a boss. Defeating a deadly monster solo is not impossible but its hard and takes a lot of patience and time. Wandering around majestic landscapes are awe-inspiring but it really gets old and lonesome. You get to have one NPC to bring around your journey but the only thing I found them useful for is to act as bait.

Playing multiplayer is more fun. Even with just one or two buddies around I found it enjoyable. It makes hunting a lot less harder and gaming time a lot more fun. Although there are some particular quests that don't allow multiplay.

All in all, MH: Freedom Unite is a great multiplayer game and is really geared towards it. While playing solo isn't half-bad, if you'd just have a passing interest in the game you might want to play it every once in a while. And the combat is not just hack n' slash, as there are various types of weapon to choose from and with each its own eccentricities. It takes more than might to bring down a monster. A careful preparation could mean life or mean starting all over again.