Don't let official review fool you. A PSP without Monster Hunter is a souless PSP. A true PSP game that deliver a punch!

User Rating: 9 | Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G PSP
If you are a guy who can't take stress when your avatar get face swipe, knock back or shot by massive fireball, this game is not suited, but if so, you shouldn't be playing any games at all. Cause Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is above all the greatest PSP game ever to existed, as far as even greater than all the mainstream "popular" but otherwise "conventional" games such as Final Fantasy Crisis Core, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and Resistance series, its a game that buried by poor advertising, overwhelming casual gameplay who wanted to be pampered all the way to the end, and often getting biased reviews and not well promoted in the west.

But if you are a boy, a Malaysian and an owner of a PSP, you will definitely heard, seen and even played this game. For major PSP UMD that cost more than 100 ringgit, you are forced to choose, at first the retailer offer me Need For Speed and Assassin Creed Bloodline for a bundle of 98 ringgit, but my first thought was this, where is Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, after a hard bargain, I was able to get this game at 88, still twice the price of two games. But hell with it, quickly in Mid Valley, I was able to jump straightly into a group who are playing the very same game, this can show you how some of us geeks can get together with just this game.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, yeah like everyone said is a hack & slash game that you kill beast and collect loot to get better weapons and armor. Except that majority of the reviewer who played this has a poor understanding on how deep the game had to offer.