No Wonder The Japanese Are Crazy Over This!

User Rating: 10 | Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G PSP
This Game is Amazing, The first 20 hours I was saying to Myself What the Hell is This I felt like it was a Big pointless Grind. That Being said I found the genius Of monster Hunter The more I Played. The Sense Of Accomplishment you get from defeating a guy youve studied and created a set of gear JUST for is Amazing and Cant be rivaled by any other game to date besides Maybe Dark souls even that Imho cant compare. The idea of Crafting ALL of your own gear from what you slay from scales skulls bones etc. Is such a more satisfying premise then Magicly Finding a shiny purple sword in a monsters ass. This game IS an RPG people say it isnt But i Promise IT is in every sense of the word except the fact you dont level up But in a way you do from your Hunter Rank to The gear you craft. I Rarely give games a 10 IF ever But this game is MASSIVE its so massive ive put 140 Hours in and im still only HR3 and Not even done with 6* elders quest (youll find out what that is when you get the game) , Lets just say I can see myself putting in OVER 500 Hours just on a Solo "Campaign" Run with no Online With Online and end game Play i Can see 800 hours Easy. I picked it up on Vita for 20$ if you can do the same there is NO other game on Psn i can reccomend more highly besides maybe Persona 3 but thats for another day
DO NOT PUT THIS DOWN if you have played Less than 30 hours because you just Cant do that to yourself youll be missing out on the experience that is Monster hunter
Get it.