By far one of the best PSP games of all time. Highly addictive game, steep learning curve but very rewarding and fun.

User Rating: 9.5 | Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G PSP
Every PSP owner should have this game in his collection.

This is one of the best Action RPG games for the PSP. It is very fun to play and has many different gameplay elements: fighting monsters, mining ore, fishing, catching bugs, harvesting your farm etc. etc. You do all these things to create armor, weapons, bowgun/bow ammunition and different traps to catch/kill monsters. In this game you don't level up your character, the only thing that you level up are your armor and weapons. Every monster has their own weaknesses and you must exploit that to efficiently kill them. After killing them you can carve them and create new weapons and armor out of it.

The game is quite hard though (especially for newcomers) but it is very rewarding when you finally kill the monster that seemed impossible to beat in the early stages of the game.