Best monster hunter you will ever play period!

User Rating: 10 | Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G PSP
To be honest i had doubts about the psp at first. but then this game came along this is possibly one of the best psp games you will ever find. anyways the story starts as you the hunter must hunt hundreds of creatures oh but these aren't mouse sized creatures oh no im talking dragons... huge shengaoren,plesioth,and lau-shan are examples of what you will face theirs not much of a storyline. however but you will be so sucked in to grinding for that g rank armor you will forget entirely about that if your new to the series. though dont worry as with each monster hunter you start out a fresh story but veterans however can import saves from their other games to start off. with the 4 player multiplayer is a blast if you have the friends as it does not have ad-hoc but dont worry if you go out your own you have felyne companions yes i know what your thinking cats!!? yep not only do they fight for you they cook and have various talents and colors. speaking of colors.... each monster usually has a different color variant witch may be tougher or have a different element. anyways whether your new to the series or a veteran you will certainly have a blast with this game.