Find Dung at Pokke Farm itself and Fall Effect resistance!

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Hey Hunters! I've been playing MHFU on PSP for years! Now, I would like to share something cool! If you haven't discovered about finding Dung at Pokke Farm to fertilize your crops, read on! So, just go to the Popo sleeping near the crops and press the square button on your PSP and you could get a Dung to fertilize your growing! Well, this is useful for beginner hunters but I just would like to share! The next one I would like to share is falling from moderate height cliffs without having your knees on the ground! You might notice that when you jump off a high cliff, you will have the effect of falling and you will drop on fours, but there is a way that you can fall and land on your two legs to save time! This could be useful when a monster is chasing you and you're running for your life! So, all you have to do is, roll! Roll using the X button! So at the end of the cliff, you'll have to roll then and fall off the cliff straight after the roll! You will find out that you will not fall on fours! Cool eh? Hahahahah. Ok, but if this doesn't work, it may be because of the height of the cliff, it could be too tall! This method can't be applied to high cliffs. We can't resist gravity in MHFU hahahah. It is also 10m/s^2 in MHFU world hahahah! (I presume?) Well, thank you for reading my post! If you have any other secrets, care to share? Sorry if my perks are too simple :(