Do you still play this game?

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Recently, I've seen many people missing MHFU and feeling nostalgic after listening to the pokke theme. Would someone tell me why don't these people just go and play this awesome game again? And do you still play it?

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Hey man, I am playing this game right now even though I really suck balls at it compared to my friends, but many of my pal move on to Portable 3rd cause its a newer game and have Brute wyvern, I played this cause I never played any 2nd generation MH on a PSP and MHFU is the first after the PS2 version.

It is also my 2nd PSP game after Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, I like it cause it has twice the amount of BOSS monster than the PS2 gen, but I still very early, only HR2 and currently equipped with Rathian Armor and Black Katana Mkii and aiming for Ceanataur Armor, -_-" most of my friends got either Z armor. Still new on this game so be nice to a noob. Playing solo though.......

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Yeah, reach HR4 with Borealis Armor, one of the most complex yet easy to get armor. Beating Teostra is like holy **** it took me 2 tries before I get the hang of Teostra fighting style, and Chameleon is a pain in the ass cause that is the first time I get raped before I know what the I'm doing when facing it. Kushala Daora is easy after you understand Teostra, it have very close moveset, escept I can get more cheap shot at Kushala Daora than Teostra thanks to the arena.


Sigh, looks like I'm the only low rank hunter here...... :(

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dude you're higher than me. man, I can't even kill greenplesioth. :(