Congalala help :P

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To break his head with a bow, shoukd i use Kut-Ku Stave 1 and aim at his head with scatter or should i use a bow that has a pierce lv 1 like the Blango Fur Bow 2 or (sorry) shall I use Hunter's Bow 3 which has rapid lv3?? Reply soon please ~thank you in advance, Grant-Lee :)
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I advice you to enchance your weapon with bottles, and make use of your armor skill cause  only fire weapons, hammer or lance will break it, though I broke Gyceros head with a bow and power bottle.


Congalala give me a lot of headache, its easy to kill, and break its horn and its tail, just that you will not be getting theat Vibrant pelt that easily, my 50 hunt on that bastards, two of them a t once sometimes with both horn break yields not a single Vibrant pelt, I originally getting myself Hornet armor for aesthetic looks, but that Vibrant pelt made it nearly impossible to get the damn helmet, which looks really pretty. Maybe Im not patient enough T-T