A Tri remake worth playing. But I don't recommend this game to newcomers of the series.

User Rating: 9 | Monster Hunter 3G 3DS
As this is a remake of Tri, I was a bit reluctant to play this at first. However, when I heard that this game has added some new monsters to the mix, as well as an additional Shakalaka companion for the offline play, I had to get this. Two of the things that I find interesting about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate are the customizable menus on the touch screen, as well as the Hunter Search system. It's always helpful to be able to change the user interface, such as the health gauge and player icons. As you progress further into it, the quests become more challenging, requiring you to upgrade your equipment for the more formidable monsters, adding more hours to the gameplay. And although this game isn't quite friendly to newcomers of the series, if you give it a chance, it is definately a game worth playing.