It's like a dynasty warriors sequel, they didn't make the improvements they needed, but it's still horribly fun.

User Rating: 8 | Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate WIIU
The title says a lot. I love the game, but I'm disappointed at the same time. With the Wii U's HD graphics, it seems Capcom took Tri's graphics, and only updated the items they thought would be most important. So you can expect clearer armor, weapons, and text. (Tri was unreadable) But don't expect any real improvements to the armor, and monsters. The breaks and cuts break the same way every time. They still show block polygons, and you will find occasional weapons that are strangely unfinished graphic wise.

That said, the game is still very deep with it's customizations of armor and weapons. There is no "perfect" build. There are really good builds for a circumstance, and that's where the fun of figuring it out is. Once you set a goal of what you need, then you get to farming. There is also good amount of satisfaction when you finish an armor set you've been working on, and can show off your build online.

My current build skills are: Handicraft, Awaken, Hearing, Crit. Draw, Part Breaker, and Tremor Resistance.

Gunlance 621 attack, and 400 Dragon. (It's possible, figure it out.)