Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Capcom's latest game in the series.

User Rating: 9 | Monster Hunter 3G 3DS
Monster Hunter is all about the battles and gathering. It won't be a monster hunter game without those. Just picking up blue mushrooms and herbs will help you out in the long run. It's an extremely rewarding game but is very challenging and some of the new players will be put off. I like to call Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate add on content to Monster Hunter Tri but others say it's an entirely new game. Which in a sense it is. But it's Monster Hunter, does that matter?

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate isn't a graphically good game. It's just a port from the Wii. Capcom spent their time improving the monsters and the player without making them too out of place. Some things you can see as you walk into the Moga Woods for the very first time the mountains and the sky just look dull. I found the cut scenes at the start and the introduction to be very well done graphically. I just wish the whole game was like that. I really liked the Flooded Forest with the water coming down off the cave. 8.5/10

Let me just start off by saying this the sound is amazing. The music fits the village and the guild. The boss battles music has a sense of urgency to it. Every weapon and armour has different individual sounds to it as you swing or shoot. I love it. Water sounds like water. Running sounds like running. It's an amazing addition. 10/10

There aren't many characters but they all are memorable. You care about what they say and sometimes they give you hints about combining, fighting etc. The shakalaka's have their own individual personalities. You become to really enjoy you're time in the village. 9/10

The gameplay is the one of the best parts of 3 Ultimate. You're taking down massive beasts time and time again just to get the armour you want never gets dull. There is a downer for newcomers. Monster Hunter is very hard. Especially the guild quests because the 3ds version of 3 Ultimate doesn't have online which is a real let down. So unless you have friends with this game, you're out of luck. The difficulty is a bad thing though. I've been searching for a game that actually gave me a challenge.9.5/10

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate doesn't have a thorough story. It's basically you've come to help a village and save them from monsters. That's all there is too it and that's all you need. Monster Hunter is all about gathering and battles evenly spaced out. If you just gather where's the progress? If you just fight. Good luck! 9/10

Some people find the controls very difficult and hard to learn. Which they are not. The camera is fine if you just use the touch screen's pad and when in battle use the lock on function. The circle pad pro is a must underwater though because of the 3 dimensions which makes it very hard to control. 9/10

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an excellent game. The only major thing I could think of to make the 3ds version better would be online multiplayer. 9/10