Beating down transport truck-sized monsters with weapons too ridiculous to describe. What's not to like?

User Rating: 10 | Monster Hunter 3G 3DS
In a world where games like Call of Duty and Halo reign supreme, Small series like Monster Hunter go almost completely unnoticed. A lot bigger in Japan, Monster Hunter doesn't have much of a western audience. I didn't even know it existed until I read about Monster Hunter Tri in Nintendo Power(May it rest in peace).

Picking up Tri, I had little idea what to expect. I assumed I'd be hunting monsters but that's about it.
Little did I know I'd be picking up something that I'm confident has changed me forever. From the unique battle style to the creative, interesting monsters to the awe inspiring environments. That game has a permanent spot in my all time top 5 games.

Then when I heard we were getting Tri Ultimate, damn was I excited!

In this game, you take the role of a new hunter, hired to solve Moga village's monster related issues. A large reptile called the Lagiacrus is thought to be causing tremors of sorts and guess who's job it is to muzzle the beast. It's time for you to bash monster after monster with a weapon bigger than yourself in order to carve materials used to make bigger weapons, until you've acquired the skills and equipment to handle the Lagiacrus itself.

The story in this game isn't gonna win any awards and the characters are only so-so, but the combat more than makes up for it.

This isn't a traditional RPG. Even Action RPG's are tame compared to this. This is a game that requires skill. Real skill. Even the strongest armour in the game isn't gonna help if you don't know when to get out of the way of an Agnaktor Hyper-Beam. You've gotta keep your distance, memorize your target's attack patterns, and then figure out when to run in for a hit and when to clear out of there. Running straight at 'em swingin' is gonna do nothing but get you killed. Every monster has their own mannerisms and attack patterns that take observation and patience to truly master.

The areas and visuals are just beautiful in this game. And the attention to detail is amazing! Everything from the vast oceanic views to the way the light reflects off the cracked black surface of the volcano. There are ruins, pyramids and other scenery that there's a good chance you wont even see unless you really stop and look around a bit.
Sometimes I'll head out of the village with no intention other that just to look around. It's amazing how much work went into this game.

One thing that really impressed me was the amount of attention paid to make the ecosystem interesting and realistic. For example, In a herd of Jaggi, the female Jaggia are twice the size of the male Jaggi. However, every heard has an alpha male. And the Great Jaggi is several times bigger than even the Jaggia. And the Great Jaggi is so territorial that at times, it will ignore you to go after other monsters in the area.
Regardless of the species, every monster will tire out after repeated attacks and when weakened enough, they will try to cut their losses and try to escape and sleep off their fatigue or eat to regain stamina. This might be my favourite part of this game. You can see the effort they put into it.

There`s a bunch of things they`ve added since Tri. Apart from some new monsters, older monsters and subspecies, they also added new items, weapons, armours, the beautiful Misty Peaks area and some camera tricks. The greatest is the targeting camera. Honestly, way overdue.

It took me 40+ hours to finish this beast. And even after beating the "End Boss" and rolling the credits, there's still leagues to do. I could see myself throwing another hundred or two hours into this, trying to finish all the high rank quests.

Just like all the Monster Hunters of past, the multiplayer is a big part of the game. Keeping the same quest goals and game mechanics but adding teamwork to the equation. Making an already good game absolutely beautiful.

The online multiplayer is unfortunately only available in the Wii U version(Which baffles me, it's not like the 3DS can't handle it. They did it with Heroes of Ruin). Not having $300 to throw at a console at the moment, I opted for the 3DS version. The portability is nice but the offline multiplayer isn't enough for me. But It's your call, it's the same game.

This game is an easy 10 outta 10 for me. One of the best games I've ever played and deserves a spot in everyone's game library.