"There big monster... Kill It RWAR!"

User Rating: 8.5 | Monster Hunter 3G 3DS
8.5/10 (3DS Version)

Compared to the Wii's Monster hunter Tri at first everything (apart from a few extra monsters and a extra Shaka kid) is the same, you fight your way up to the big bad boss that's causing all the trouble and tell him to go way, that or frail around a sword for a while.

After this however (much to my delight) the mountains open up, the subspecies throw themselves at you, your armour and weapons become even more colourful and powerful than before.

As you know Monster hunter isn't known for its storyline more of the "There big monster... kill it RWAR"

But when you play with friends or other hunters this fact seems to be forgotten anyway (honestly do you ever think "what about the story" when shooting players on Slayer in Halo 4?)

All of what i said brings my scoring of MH3U to 9.0 due to the lack of story and motivation (other than to kill bigger monsters)

But what brought it down a notch more was the lack of online play on the 3DS, yes you can connect to the WiiU and that's awesome (if i had a WiiU) but we know the 3DS can handle online play like Mario karts, so I always wondered why? to costly or did they want to try and force us Hunters altogether? (then take us out... omg (or course not))

I love the 3DS version, its frame rates, graphics and all catches me off guard sometimes and makes me think how awesome it all looks. The Monsters seem to have their own minds sometimes (rathalos got tired of flailing around his tail and took off) and the weapons and armour!? I can spend at least an hour looking at them all and how they look on my character.

All in all I will be playing this game for more than 500 hours and now i can play it anywhere, as long as the sun keeps behind those clouds...

Review by Csonic6

"Probably not the best review"