Gather Friends, Travel the world, and Hunt Monsters!

User Rating: 9 | Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate WIIU
Monster Hunter is a strong game ever since it first launched on the PS2. The concept is simple, gather resources, kill monsters, then gather more resources and kill bigger, tougher, and more challenging monsters. But, the simple concept does not make a simple game.

The game has a single player worth playing, as it teaches you the basics of the game, and will teach you the skills needed to topple the challenges of online play; online play being the main focus of the game. Online play is a mix of emotions and experiences, but most tend to be positive. The biggest challenge online is not the lack of people, but navigating the servers. Honestly, the server style is back as it was during MH1 on PS2. But once you find 3 other hunters, you will begin your experience. Honestly, if you even have one friend with you, you will have a blast. The trick is finding another few hunters you can tolerate, and those who don't abuse the mic.

At first it is simple, not much strategy is needed, nor resources. However, as you progress Hunter Ranks (HR), the monsters become more difficult, gaining more HP, abilities, and variation. Of course, some of the variations are just different colored monsters with the slightly different abilities, but rest assured more interesting and new ones are introduced as you progress. You may be required to farm more, build traps in advanced, and stock up on potions; but the fights are more than enough to make up for it.

The game itself has a wide variety of weapons, Including Great swords, long sword, lances, maces, axes, sword and shield, bowguns, Bows, and more. In single player (which you may use your character online as well), you start with all the weapons, so you may test them until you find one to fit your fighting style. The only complaint I have with the weapons is the lack of ranged weapons, as only 3 are available so far, and they are very similar.

The game does have some issues to sort out. The graphics of the environment (particularly the ground) are dated, and you are unable to ignore people who abuse the mic online. Additionally, collision in combat becomes an issue as some players do not mind their surroundings. They may toss you into the air by accident, causing you to become helpless to a monster's attack. This is can be avoided though, and is usually not an issue. Additionally, you may have to spend several hours to get the rare item to drop to build your new armor set or weapon. The grind can become tiresome, but feels worth it. The final complaint is that listed above. The monsters begin to lose variety later in the gaming, simply changing color and gaining abilities. This is expected however, as a game can only have so many creatures. The truth is that you will still encounter new species all together after 50 hours of gameplay, more than making up for the lack of variety.

Overall, the game more than makes-up for its issues. I have put in over 100 hours of gameplay into it, and I am still not done; and this is a time when most games barely last 10 hours now. The games monsters are truly extraordinary, the weapon variety allows for anyone to easily find their play style, and the multiplayer experience is superb. Diving in solo provides a great experience, but playing with friends brings out the games true purpose.

This is truly a must have for any Wii U owner. This game will provide near endless enjoyment, and will help pass the time as more titles become available to the Wii U.

Graphics: 8 - a little dated but still decent for this age.

Controls: 8 - They take some time getting use to, and may cause issues early on when using the Wii U gamepad.

Sound: 10 - The sound is great, no glitches present and each monster will make sure you hear it.

Enjoyment: 10 - What can I say, 100 hours of game time doesn't lie.

Overall: 9/10.