This game... let me tell yah.... This game is the SHIT

User Rating: 8 | Monster Hunter 3G 3DS
What can i say, i LOVE monster hunter!!!! it has to be one of the best games that i have ever played in my entire life. Its so much fun. this game makes my dick rock hard. the way that you can battle all different monsters and creatures in different lands is just amazing to me. getting to face dragons and giant creatures is so cool. But its not all that, its much more than that. you can build weapons and armour and everything in between. And when you finally create something, you can upgrade it to make it stronger and stronger to reach it full potential and be able to kill bigger and harder monsters. thats not all. The multiplayer is also very fun. every time i go online, its a blast with my friends. getting together with my friends to slay one of the hardest dragons in the game just screams fun. we all love it to!!! thats just it, you can play with yourself or you could play with your friends and go on the biggest adventure of your life. and still thats not it. Even when you're alone, you get a companion, a little cha cha. They join you on your journey to aid you along. Plus it has a challenge for each quest that you go on. Every time that you complete the certain amount of quests that you have to do, you get to do this thing called an urgent quest that, if you complete, will bring you to the next stage of quests that you have to do that are even more fun than the last quests. and you continue the journey until you complete them all. Well thats pretty much the whole reason why I love monster hunter so much, its challenging, fun, exciting, energetic and very very popular which means more people to play with. So if you have never played this game before and you want to try it, go right ahead. If you like facing huge monsters than this is the game for you. You won't be disappointed, i promise