Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate; Worth the wait? Definatly.

User Rating: 8.5 | Monster Hunter 3G 3DS
Although I have never played a Monster Hunter game before this one.
After 70 hours, I wish I did. Difficult gameplay, excellent graphics and unbelievable amounts of customization. This game is to die for, and you will die in this game... Chances are, you will die a lot. And it can get pretty Aggravating, But what fun would it be if it were too easy? Well Capcom probably was wondering the same thing when they made a series of games with headache-difficult gameplay. But this game is a good one to start with. But we have to look at the Cons of this game as they are there... and pretty prominent too.


The camera: Now camera angles can greatly effect gameplay itself. And if the camera always stayed set behind you; the game would become a lot easier.
But although the camera is not bad using the touchscreen. It can be frustrating In underwater levels.
This can make the final battle of low-rank almost unplayable
But in all fairness its better then I expected as
It is the only way the camera could have been controlled in this game.

No online: A Monster Hunter game without online? That's a bit disappointing.
Although it makes up for it with the fact you can transfer your save to the Wii U version and play online there. Not only that but you can play local with another 3DS and even another Wii U with cross platform play. But if you in fact have a Wii-U I don't understand why you would have the 3ds version anyways.

Circle Pad Pro: This is in the cons because you basically need it for some parts of the game. It probably should have been included with the game, Kind of like the stand in Kid Icarus: Uprising. But when you have this attachment, the 3ds version because one of the best games for the 3ds.

Strong Learning Curve: This game is very difficult, but that not the only turn-off. You cannot just smack the thing like crazy over and over again. The point is to dodge, wait for an opening, attack, sheathe, Rinse and repeat. And a lot of people cannot understand that, or do not enjoy it. Its also not a easy pick up and play, it will take you days and days to become any good. But in the end, its worth it.
Soon you will be toting awesome weapons, and insanely cool armor.


The pros are a bit harder to put into text because there is so many good things about this game.

Customization: It has a ton of weapons, armor, and character customization options. In total, there are over 200 weapons and armor choices, 23 hairstyles, 5 clothing styles. And Hundreds of colors for each. Along with a mustache and beard.

Tons of Quests: This is really impressive, with over 200 Quests. You will be playing this for a very long time, you can put hundreds of hours into the game. Not to mention this game has a higher replay value then most games you can find. Grinding for items to make more armor, to making money to buy basic supplies. You can even combine useless Items to make Not-so-useless Items. All this will keep you hooked for a long time

Save Transferring: That's right, its possible. You can transfer your save between the 3DS and Wii U if you have a copy of the game for both systems.
Which makes you able to do Online play and more.

DLC. This game offers DLC quests and future content. They are continuously adding new content for free. So you can keep playing after your done the game. If you ever finish it.

In conclusion, this game is amazing. Of course the console version rains superior because of online. And lack of camera issues (Which can be fixed with the Circle-Pad Pro attachment for the 3DS)
But all in all, I would recommend this game to everyone with a 3DS, or a Wii-U. Be prepared to battle tons of monsters, Collect large amounts of loot, and have tons of fun.

Happy Hunting!