Must own for Wii U and 3DS!

User Rating: 10 | Monster Hunter 3G 3DS
Outstanding game that when given a chance will grab a hold of you and not let go for awhile. You can easily log over 100 hrs just learning the ropes. I haven't played a handheld game for this long in quite awhile but MH always seems to rack up the hours for me. Most people who have issues with the game are complaining about controls or the lack of online play (3DS version). The controls work great once you get used to them. Yes they take a little time but once you figure them out its great. In other games you don't go in just completely destroying everything without some practice. If you give it a few hours you will understand the control system and you won't even notice that it once bothered you. I highly recommend the CPP. You might have to order it online because I could only find the XL version in Japan ($25.00 shipped). As far as the no online for the 3DS version, all I can say is that it is a portable system and the game wasn't originally designed to work that way. I bought the Wii:U, 3DS XL and both games just to be able to experience MH the way it should be. It was definitely worth the money and I'm really glad they brought the game to the WEST!