When to jump online?

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Hey all,

Just picked this up and am a complete noob. I've played for a few hours, just finished up the lvl 1 Moga quests, and am on the Sandy Plains now. I'm liking the game so far but I'm a little confused as to the online options...

Obviously, I do want to play online, but I don't want to do it while I'm still in the "intro" part of the game and I'm extremely weak. So...is there a point of the game that is ideal for starting online play, or what? Also, is the online quests at Port different from the single player ones? And if so, are they really worth doing (like do you keep your money, resources, etc. to use in your SP game)?


Thanks! :)

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There are many options for online, and as a recommendation it would depend on the option you want. For just general questing, once you get past the *1 rank you could potentially start the Port Tanza quests without being a complete burden. You'll need to keep in mind though that the quests in Multiplayer will have monsters introduced in the later parts of the game in the lower ranks. If you have a group you think has good synergy with, by *2 you can be fine. Otherwise I'd wait till *3 or higher for the experience.

There are Arena battles though that I could say would be good at any time, solo or groups since it uses predetermined weapons, armor and items. YOu don't have to worry about losing valuables this way, and you get to experience some of the more exotic monsters earlier this way. That and the field has very little for farmable resources so it's straight combat.

Hope this helps a bit. The game is flexible enough were my advise is only opinion. :D