Should I get this for WiiU?

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I have MH3U for my 3ds but the no Wi-Fi online is killin me... for those of you that have it for WiiU is the online worth the buy? Is it easy to find people to play with?
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I don't own MH3U personally, but I would say it is worth it. Being able to play an RPG online or with friends improves the enjoyment from the game drastically.
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You won't really find any sane person to recommend you MH3 3DS over MH3U...

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My son and I have both versions and consoles (Wii U and 3DS).  We play together locally via Wii U and 3DS MH3U connectivity.  It is also possible to move your character from 3DS to Wii U and vice-versa.  Online play is only possible with the Wii U.  A lot of players do go online on MH3U.  I highly recommend playing MH3U on the Wii U (full HD and online play).

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Its great to have both because they have cross saving for seamless offline play but I 100% recommend you get it for WiiU as well. The online improves the game DRAMATICALLY. It's incredibly well done and it will add hundreds of hours to your play time. If I didn't have online I probably would have played for like 50-60 hours tops - since I've discovered the joys of network play I have logged over 500 hours - maybe more than any game I've ever played (beats my previous bests from Fallout 3 and Dark Souls) and I barely play offline. I totally agree with you how no online with 3DS sucks and you sound like the kind of person that the WiiU version was made for. So yes go out and buy the WiiU version and have fun but be warned - it's infinitely more addictive online! Its the best co op online game I've ever played and the network connection is smooth as hell.