MH3U RELEASE DAY HUNT EVENT (club1kjho/gamefaqs/unity)

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3 communities will be coming together to share our love for hunting monsters!
I have been working with members of gamefaqs and club1kjho to bring our communities together and start new with the release of MH3U.
Announcing our first ever launch day collab hunt!!!
When MH3U comes out, our three communities will join together to meet new friends, hunt with old friends, and take down some monsters.
Club1kjho ( is a new up and coming Monster Hunter community so go check them out. Gamefaqs has been around for a long time and have some of the best faqs going in relation to Monster Hunter.
Thanks to all the members at club1kjho and gamefaqs that were willing to start fresh and bridge our communities into one big Monster Hunter fanbase.
Yuri is going to update me with server names as soon as he finds out so check this thread every so often.
I will be updating this thread with more details in the coming weeks so STAY TUNED