Just played this after MHFU. Question about ore.

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First off, where is the best place to mine? As far as I can tell (6 hours in) the game has no real consistant mining hub. Great mining opprotunities existed in all the PSP offerings, but WTF Nintendo? The only real place to mine (at this point in my experience) is area 4 of the Moga Woods. I need to go all the way to area 12 just to get Machalite. I don't believe there isn't a consistent place to mine, because that would be WACK. I hope I'm right. I don't want to go out to get thousands of ores in thte Moga Woods spread out over 12 areas. I want one quick sure stop. Does this even exist? A lot of money just went into a game I thought a mining place DID exist.

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Wait for the volcano.