Is this just a rehash of monster hunter tri?

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Is this a new game or just a new version of monster hunter tri on the wii?

I bought tri but didn't enjoy it for one reason, that being that your weapon would get blunt and you'd have to sharpen it.

I liked everything else but that really annoyed me.

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a new title in the monster hunter series.

It's comparable to when the new pokemon games come out.

Same game, new content/different location.


Sharpening weapons is an essential part to Monster Hunter. This has been in since the very first game, and has been included in every single release. This isn't going to change, as it's all part of what makes Monster Hunter so much fun.


Having to dodge a monsters attack, and run to it's blind spot to safely sharpen your weapon, then run back into the fray. It's extremely rewarding when you learn to do it effectively.

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Me to, bought and didn't really like Tri. MH3U is that all over again imo. I thought it would be a new wiiU game in the series...i was dead wrong. It's a rehash game in everyway, just with more new content, new enemies and some new armors OH WOW...Almost forgot to mention, it's a wii game, just with better graphics. I am only 10 hours in...maybe it gets...i doubt it though...

I'm enjoying it for what it is...trying to after spending $68. I'm not going to lie to myself and everyone. Demon's Souls and Dark Souls is light years ahead and way way WAY better then this!!!! Reminds me how much i love that game and how special it really is! MH3U seems extremely repetitive also. Going to play it some more and i hope my mind changes...

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Killaz you obviously aren't playing online. and MH Tri has around 31 monsters to fight. This one has around 74....Soooooooooo... New online town, same offline town, New quests, new monsters, and a TONNNNNNNN of new gear. What more could you ask for in a new installment of the game? You also have to realize that the MH series goes in generation. Not chronological order. First gen being MH1 and freedom 1, 2nd Gen. MH2(DOS) and Freedom 2 and Unite. Then Gen 3 which is obviously Tri and Ultimate. Also 3 Ultimate is NOT a Wii game it is originally a 3DS ONLY game. The Wii U version is an incredible upgraded port with online functionality. I honestly don't know where you see a fault. If you don't like the mechanics you should have watched some videos. They're all over the place on youtube. Also just to add. I have both Souls games. I NEVER once played them as much as I play Monster Hunter! I've played the souls games maybe 200 hours. I've played the MH series well over 4000 hours over the whole series since MH1 in '04. Get some real friends or meet some of the really awesome members of the online community and maybe that will change your mind.
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i think of it as a big expansion pack, its basically MHTri with a lot more content.