Couple of things before i start...discuss

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This will be my first monster hunter game. I've been gaming for around 20 years so I am well versed in most genres. I caught on to the demo pretty quickly but I had a couple gripes and I was wondering if the full game was like this. First, I didn't like how it was constantly loading smallish areas - took me out of the experience sometimes but I think I might get used to that. Also I didn't like the time limit thing but I doubt that's in the full game. And also, I read that there's a kick feature so I hope this community is filled with generally nice people and not elitist nerd super fans who take themselves too seriously. I guess I'll have to hop online to see for myself. I just don't wanna get kicked alot while i try  and learn the ropes via tossing myself in the deep end. I'm guessing if I start day one ill be on most everyone else's level though... I was a little thrown off by the lack of lock on but when I mentioned that on miiverse a super fan instantly jumped down my throat until I shut him up by explaining that I didn't NEED IT - I was just surprised it wasn't in the series. I also thought the controls were a little..Cumbersome but I think I could get used to those as well... I LOVED how there's no life bars and the main monsters were beasts to bring down - that intensity is what sold me on the game. So those are my initial thoughts as a noob lol Any tips would be appreciated before I start thanks. 

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the controls are purposully cumbersome to create a synthetic difficulty along with the the long animation of weapons and quick speed of monsters. The whole game is about the joy of learning how to defeat a new monster ;craft new armor and weapons ; and finally playing with friends. The community is generally pretty good to new players (though just like any game you will get a few jerks ) though before you play online try to understand the basics and that certain attacks you don't want to use online ( greatswords upswing as an example. I wish you good luck and happy hunting :)

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The **** controls, no lock on, and time limit are all there in the real games and are intentional. They don't want you just gathering, running around shooting it once and leaving like a pansy for 2 hours. I've only ever lost 1 mission due to time, and that was because I was a big noob still and wasn't upgrading my weapons. Each weapon has it's own speed and style, so you gotta learn your weapon and learn the monster's patterns! It's a really really cool game if you put in the time to 'learn' it. Best played locally with friends.

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So far its been amazing. The full game is soooooo much more extensive than that stupid demo and the learning curve is very gentle so far IMO. One of the best games I've played in a while and I dont know how the heck I ever skipped it in 20+ years of gaming! I'm gonna go solo for a while because 1) I wanna continue learning the ropes and 2) I don't even feel like I need to go online to sweeten the pot - it's just that good. Great entry point for beginners because, well, I'm a beginner so who would know that more than moi? Still, my crazy demons souls experience helps a little but its still drastically different from that game. Questing is starting to get addictive. I've been using the miiverse like an interactive wiki so that helps and really shows WiiUs potential! Still...any random tips on here always help. It's one of those simple to get hard to master games I take it... First sea creature boss I encountered I ran like a little b**** LOL forgot the name but SHE A BEAST 

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The game is great. Each new big monster you fight pretty much unlocks a new armor. Just when you think you have good armor, here comes a better one lol. Just keep upgrading and youll be fine. Im about 30 hours in and I wish I can play all day.
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First, I didn't like how it was constantly loading smallish areas - took me out of the experience sometimes but I think I might get used to that. Also I didn't like the time limit thing but I doubt that's in the full game...

It tries to immerse you visually but at it's core it's still a game and it has many stipulations to contend with. Those loading screens can be a tactict them selves, leaving a an area to heal is a great help. I don't see much in having a time limit but it does factor in sometimes or if you're alone. If it takes you 50min to kill something...maybe starting over is the best option... Not to say it there isn't long 1v1 battles you'll run into, that's when the 50min can be troublesome but it builds towards the climax of defeating an exceptionally difficult monster. Good luck in your hunting!