Controller PRO on MH3U

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It looks like Capcom is offering the Wii classic controller pro if you preorder MH3U off of their website. That's cool actually, since I haven't heard about any preorder bonus yet from Gamestop. They said it would be compatible with the game. Anyways, does anybody know if the new Wii U controller Pro is compatible? (The one that looks similar to a Xbox controller).
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If you have a wii classic controller or classic pro you can use it on MH3U if its plugged into a motion plus wii-mote. So no need to buy that retarded new classic controller with the analogs above the buttons.

I swear nintendo sometimes you trying to be different from the rest comes out so damn retarded that you should shoot yourselves for even thinking it. But i still love you.

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So thats why it felt so awkward lol. Couldnt put my finger on it and had my 360 controler back at school so i couldn't figure out why it was different. Also Cod control scheme sucks on wii u.