Sweet dirt bike racer

User Rating: 7 | Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame XONE

I had to dock the game from an initial 10 to a 7 as the motion blur effect is too strong and there is no motion blur slider.

This beautifully captures the thrills and fun of dirt bike racing inside NFL stadiums across the USA. Gorgeous graphics that stay rolling even when racing at high speeds. There is pure synergy between your bike and the track - excellent handling and precise play control. I recommend racing using the 3rd person far camera (switch camera using the double rectangle button) as the 3rd person near camera is like playing a 1st person shooter (dizzying effect). The tracks are laid out beautifully requiring you to think on your feet as you maneuver your bike from jump to jump. Excellent for hand eye coordination provided you play it in 3rd person far camera. In the fun dept. shades of Excite Bike from the NES. I play it on my XBOX ONE X with my Sony 4K HDR HDTV with a Kolife high premium HDMI cable.