Ultimate game gone all wrong :(

User Rating: 4 | Monopoly WII
EA got it all wrong with the Wii version (possibly with other console versions as well). They most important feature of skipping the animation (or at least making it faster, a lot faster) is missing. I got bored during the very first play. Then there are those comments by a male voice - I've learned them in 5 minutes and got sick of hearing them over and over again. Some might say that it's all done to create a special game atmosphere... But there is no atmosphere. The game is absolutely annoying. When you offer a deal to the AI-player and it rejects the deal, you have to enter the deal screen again (which takes quite a lot of time) and enter the details all over again.

On the other hand, their own version for iPod is fabulous! You can skip the animation, it works overall faster and the interface is more user friendly.

It's a total failure.