Overall, a great investment and a huge social bomb!!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Monopoly X360
As everyone knows, Monopoly is one of the greatest board games of all time. If you have some people to play with, this is even a much greater experience. As a college student, this game is great to play when you have a whole bunch of people over or if you just want to play with your significant other. It is a great time to pass time and just enjoy the wonderful game of monopoly in High Definition! If you are just all by yourself and just play single player, then the game is great that way as well. The biggest thing that applies value to this game is the achievements. Yeah, I love monopoly with a passion but at the same time, the Gamerscore is a very important feature to some. The ability to have such an addicting time through one of the world's greatest board games and increase the magnificent Gamerscore at the same time seems like an incredible opportunity.

As we all may know, there is no online multiplayer. But without that, it DOES increase the social element of the game. Yeah, sitting on your futon, couch, floor or bed and playing someone else online in monopoly would be great. But honestly, would you want to sit online with a player for 3-4 hours and play the game until its over and then try and MEET UP at ANOTHER time to continue the game or just quit the game overall? Doesn't seem like something I would be totally interested in. If you wanna play with a buddy, call him, text him or message him through XBOX Live and tell him to drive his arse over to your house and play the game NEXT TO EACH OTHER!

Enjoy the game as again, one of the greatest board games ever made is at your hands! Finally!