Junk, But really addicting, and hard to resist.

User Rating: 5.3 | Monopoly Tycoon PC
Mkay, monopoly tycoon is a decent game, and grows up to it's title, ALTHOUGH it is a total piece of....strategy if you ask me.

Boy, thank god i didn't buy this game? Thank god? Thank god for making infogrames create such a piece...?

Okay i know monopoly tycoon is a solid game, and i am too critical about it, but i really didnt enjoy the gameplay, nor the visuals. The only thing i can give this game is the style, or the "tilt" as gamespot identifies it.

The good: .....Solid game, and it IS monopoly, nothing more said.

The bad: Oh where to begin, the graphics.

The graphics: horrible, terrible, childish, cartoony, simply abysmal in all the ways thought. I UNDERSTAND that this game was made back in ... 2001? But even then they had awesome games, with AMAZING graphics for the time. Example? Unreal Tournament...reminds me i should write a review for that. (Don't mind me) Back to the graphics. They were too cartoony, and i don't think kids will want to play a game where you have to keep track of businesses, and keeping a cash balance. To be honest these graphics make pokemon look like the most artistic thing to hit the earth. You should just look at the characters in this game, they are block-headed, poorly animated, very few animations actually. Poorly designed, fashioned, and presented. The idea is original, yes, but original ideas usually tend to make great quality products, unlike this one. The cities look decent, but still blocky even at 1280 x 1024. The menu, the selection bars, the, everything that isn't the enviroment, just plain sucks, graphics-wise.

The gameplay: The gameplay wasn't really bad overall, but did have many flaws and few pros. Surprisingly *cough cough* The camera is probably the worst part, hard to control, makes you miss important moments, very hard to get used to, and really badly done overall. Other than that the gameplay is very nicely timed, very well put together, organized, and presented, but then again when you had to deal with those cartoony, childish, characters from the game, such as at auctions, that was painful.

The sound: Very shabby, horrible sound effects, annoying repetitive music, can't get it out of my head. Again with the characters (what is it with them that i make fun of, in each section of my review? I dont know, let's try, everything.)
The characters sound like dying birds, mostly at auctions. (thank god that is the only place you see them animated) The music, i don't get it? But okay, it's original. I'll give it the marks for that.

Bottom line: Again, monopoly was a great board game, if i could rate that i would nearly give it a perfect score. The monopoly game does include many of the monopoly moments, but fails to demonstrate all of the game's fun capabilities, it could've just been a LOT more.

Bottom line #2: Well, buying this game would be as idiotic as drinking brake fluid, and it's not even worth the 5-10 bucks that it sells for. Easy to download, very small file size. 200-400 megs i think.

Final bottom line: (3 bottom lines?) Don't buy it, if you can get your hands on this game for free, then try it, you might not be taken in by the silly graphics or the gameplay at first, but the game grows on you, as you play along. Monopoly fans will definately enjoy this one, and unlike the board game, you can play this one with the computer :)